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In hour 3 they interview GLBT Dance artist SIRPAUL. During the interview he admits that he had the googly eyes that went in different directions when he was a child and he tells them how they fixed it. They also talk to him about his music, his album, how he got his name, and his upcoming tour. After the break Viz reports on a story about a teenager who dipped his dangly bits in his teachers coffee cup in the UK. Kids these days!

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In hour 2 Viz tries to tell Annie about a story related to Brain pacemakers to help fight obsessive compulsive disorder, Depression, and Tourettes Syndrome. For some reason it leads to a funny story about Viz coming in someone's ear. It also leads to Viz doing a Katherine Hepburn impression. After the break Viz brings up the fact that an ex show host on QNation.FM no longer has a website and Viz wonders if there is a problem. Viz says this ex host is bitter and jealous of Parker and his show on the station. Viz tells Annie that he is taking Parker becoming the houseboy and moving in as an opportunity to learn to control his temper at home. Annie brings up the topic of people with eyes that look in different directions and how one should handle the eye contact during a conversation. She is looking for advice on what to do and what is appropriate from listeners.

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Viz and Annie discuss Oprah and daytime type talk shows on television. Viz also made it a goal not to offend or piss anyone off this week. Viz is tired of being an ass and feels it is time for a change. Viz tells everyone that Parker will be in for a trial run at houseboy for two weeks. Viz said he would "train" him well. Viz thinks that they could be the new cast of "Two and a half Men" since Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end. After the break Annie covers the Charlie Sheen saga. They play bits of an interview with him and grow to like him in the process.

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In hour 3 they talk to Author, Actor, and Trivia Guru Ed Karvoski Jr. They discuss his books about GLBT entertainment and Hollywood. Ed came up with the GLBT Oscar quiz and both Viz and Annie take the quiz to see how well they know award winners. They soon discover that they suck in movie and Oscar knowledge and should have the gay cards taken away. After the break Viz tells Annie a story about a fight that occurred in a Denny's which reminded him of something she would say to another woman.

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In hour 2, Evil Gene calls in after a few weeks and gives Viz a hard time for picking on him about his uncle dying last time they talked to him. Gene informs him that no one died this week but his grandmother had suffered a stroke. Gene is playing porn on his camera in chat and Viz and Annie have a bit of commentary on it. Gene tells Viz that the voting for the hosts of the Grabby's is still open but wrapping up soon and they will know who is hosting this year. They also discuss Chris Porter, Sam Colt and Brent Corrigan. They also talk about some of the winners of the Cybersocket Awards for 2010. Viz ends the conversation with a very upsetting and inappropriate comment to Gene and gets him very upset. After the break Viz apologizes because he thinks he pissed Gene off and feels bad about it. Viz officially apologizes for everything during the shows life that ever offended anyone. Annie brings up something that she saw on Oprah Winfrey's Network regarding Transgendered people and gender identification. It leads to an interesting conversation regarding gender identification and the age at which it occurs.

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Viz starts off in fire and admits that he is extremely itchy downstairs in the anal region. It leads to a conversation about people who read in the bathroom and how disgusting it is to him. Annie admits that she is skilled in hovering and outdoor peeing. Suddenly Viz stops in the middle and wonders how they got on this subject. He realizes that it all started by discussing his itchiness issue. Viz says that it is this type of on air honesty that people love and can relate to. After the break Viz tells Annie about a 94 year old Indian man that became the worlds oldest father. Viz finds this intriguing because his wife is 54 years old. He also reports a story about horse semen shots that were being served at a food festival in New Zealand. This leads to a conversation about the invention of blowjobs and rim jobs. The moral of the story is that everything starts somewhere.

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In hour 3 Viz and Annie talk to Beau Ratliffe. Annie describes Beau as an internet sensation who is very big on youtube. Right off the bat Viz determines that Beau is a little slow. Partway through the interview Beau thinks he is talking to Regis and Kelly/Kathy Lee. Viz entertains and continues by doing the interview as Regis. After the break Viz tells Annie that he feels that having Parker around will help tame his temper and bitchiness. Parker calls in and his phone has noise so bad that Viz hangs up on him. Parker calls back on a better line and during the conversation they find out a bit about how Parker speaks. They talk about him sitting in on the show live from the studio and how he could possible take Annie's job as producer.

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In hour 2, Annie has a mini rant about a shopping experience. Viz says that he needs to start watching more 'Glee' due to increased shower scenes on the show. Viz thinks Annie is anti-religion but she explains why. She mentions a show she watched regarding the mormons and their religious history. Viz brings up the fact that he wants a continuation of the story of Jesus. What happened after his resurrection? After the break it is time for Pulp Friction with the Edge Radio Players. This week they perform a story entitled 'Tight Club'. Annie asks if guys really do this.

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After having two weeks off Viz and Annie are well rested and ready to do the show. Viz makes a few mistakes and even stumbles on his phrasing. This leads to a conversation about reporter Serene Branson and her on air stroke. They play the audio and even a Serene Branson remix that someone had produced. They tell personal experiences with family members and strokes. After the break Viz gives an update on Parker and how he is going to be his houseboy for several weeks on a trial basis. Viz tells Annie about the conversation he had with Parker and proceeds to read the text messages. What Parker said and what Viz interpreted are two totally different things. How many times does Viz say the word Pussy?

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In hour 3 they talk to GLBT dance artist and choreographer Joshuah Michael, also known as the artist Oh My Josh. Viz is a bit flirty at first, they get down to business. They discuss how Josh got his start as both a choreographer and musician. They also touch upon his transition from a contemporary Christian artist to GLBT dance artist. Josh calls Viz out and makes him ask the question he said he would ask before the interview. This leads to Josh admitting that he is a bottom live on the air. After the break they wind down a bit and Annie asks for a pair of Parker's underwear to huff before the end of the show. This leads Annie to tell Viz she needs to ask Josh for a pair of his underwear for him to huff. Viz does not think that would be appropriate.

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In hour 2, Gene didn't check in even thought Annie texted him to remind him to call in. Viz reports on a story about a woman who assaulted a police officer with a sex toy. Viz also reports a story about Taco Bell food and the contents of it's 'meat filling'. In the middle of the story Gene finally calls in and explains why he forgot. Gene tells Viz and Annie about Cleveland's ranking for gayest city of 2010. After the break Viz gives Annie a rundown on the time saving aspect of having his houseboy sooner rather than later. Viz also gives an update on round two with his Brent Corrigan experience and dildo. Viz gets bold and tells Annie a secret and tests the station's 'cone of silence' system. Viz also tells Annie about a strange incident that happened at a hospital involving stuffed animals and ketchup.

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The show starts off a bit rocky and there is a bit of equipment trouble. Viz is getting frustrated because he can't get the studio webcam to work correctly for the broadcast. Viz explains that while he is doing show prep he feels he is becoming a dirty old man. He admits that he is doing searches for Hot men image search on google. He surprises Annie with some of his finds and lets her in on them. Viz mentions a hot guy he stumbled across who is in the Twilight movies and Annie gives him a hard time and tells him not to get involved with that show because it is so unreal. Viz is shocked on how much Annie knows about the series. After the break Viz is still dealing with his webcam problem and it is driving him crazy. Annie brings up a story about some anti-gay companies and who she will be boycotting in the future. Viz gives her an argument and wants to put her to the test. Does she pass? Will she follow through with her boycott?

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In hour 3 Parker calls in and Viz mentions that they are in negotiations for Parker to be Viz's houseboy. Despite the sidetrack conversation, Parker really called in to promote his radio show called 'A Night in the Park'. Annie and Viz give him a lesion with the emphasizing using the lines 'my balls haven't dropped yet' and 'I am not that kind of a houseboy'. After the break Parker's brother calls in to the show. He says he is a new fan of the show and what a great guy his little brother is.

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In hour 2, they talk to LGBT folk musician Steven Gellman. They talk about his current album 'Peaceful World'. After the break Viz and Annie continue to educate everybody on some exercises they learned in broadcasting school involving emphasizing phrases. They continue with an episode of Pulp Friction starring the Edge Radio Players. This months episode is titled 'Filling In'.

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Annie is back this week and Viz is happy. Viz tells Annie about Parker's show starting in the next few weeks. He plays the show promo and they both start busting Parker's chops. They give Parker some broadcasting school tips and what he needs to work on. Viz and Annie both agree that it sounds like something they would have done when they were in broadcasting school. Viz says he has Annie's demo along with his own in the studio so he could play them. After the break Viz notes that he has found both demos and proceeds to play them and critique them.

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In hour 3 the guys talk to the good doctor Jallen Rix. Jallen gets to meet Viz's partner Mark for the first time. Jallen says that he has relocated to Palm Springs and they begin to discuss the gay resorts in the area. Mark brings up the fact that Viz told him Dr. Jallen was responsible for the hot shower sex sessions. Viz mentions that Mark got him some sex toys for Christmas. They have a little discussion with Jallen on how to add a bit more to what they currently do. Dr. Jallen dives in and helps the boys out a bit with some advice and techniques. Viz tells Jallen that he has seen him in various videos and interviews online and tells him that he learned a lot about him and how cute he is as well as talented. After the break Parker decides to call in to the show and talk to Viz and Mark. They bring up Parker being a houseboy and also a photo shoot that was not planned. Parker asks Mark if he has big balls and tells Mark that he knew he did when her first set eyes on him. They want to know how he determined this and it leads to a whole conversation regarding the ball package. Viz pulls it back into the houseboy conversation to see how serious Parker is in the position.

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In hour 2, Viz and Mark return and talk to Evil Gene. Viz asks Gene how much booze he drinks because he is concerned about him. Gene tries to educate Viz on houseboys and 'the houseboy etiquette' rules and regulations. Gene gives the low down on some 'rentboys' from rentboy.com. He even brings up a website that is specifically for 'houseboys'. He also gives some information about Parker and how he is not really shy. Gene also tells them how Andy Dick got thrown out of the adult video AVN awards. After the break Viz reports a story involving colonoscopy scopes that have not been cleaned and are reused, and the lawsuit that is pending. What would you do if you found out that a colon scope that was used on you was not properly cleaned?

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Annie called off sick, so Viz's partner Mark sits in and joins him for the show. Viz explains what happened and why Annie called off. The chatters start calling her Cole and remarking how she is turning Cole-like. Viz tells Mark that he informed the audience about the 'Brent Corrigan' Christmas gifts that Mark gave him. Viz reminds Mark that he got into radio because of him and explains why. Viz tells him that he used to pretend he was a principal of a school and talked on the intercom. This leads to Viz admitting the time spent in the principal's office due to being a bully. After the break Viz reports on a story which involved 'rentboy.com' and one of the 'housekeepers' listed on the site. Viz gives his take of the website and the services it provides. He elaborates on what he is expecting when he friends someone on the website and hires them. He and Mark get into a conversation on what they would expect of a houseboy if they got one. Viz suddenly goes into a terminator impression and Arnold Schwarzenegger. How does it all tie together?

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In hour 3 Precious Fitzgerald-Monroe calls into the show and decides that she wants to tell them about Lindsey Lohan. In the process she continues to harass Viz. They learn a lot about Precious during the call and find her quite intriguing. After the break some listeners call in and do their 'Ted Williams' radio voice. Mike from 'The MikeLive Experience' tells everyone in chat that he has Viz's voice at it's highest. He sends in a sound clip of Viz saying 'Oh my God!' when Parker surprised him in the studio. They start talking about Viz's voice again and the topic of talking during sex comes up. Viz asks Annie what the dirtiest thing she has ever said during sex is.

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In hour 2, Viz tells Annie that since she did a great version of him that she needs to work the broadcast and she refuses. Viz says he needs to do the radio voice all the time since people like it but is a bit offended. He thinks that it would be humorous at live remote broadcasts. Annie tries to sound more feminine and the chatters say she sounds like the phone sex grandma. Annie brings up a story about Montel Williams being busted with a tobacco pipe. It leads to a conversation about medical marijuana and multiple sclerosis. After the break Annie gives everyone a Ted Williams update and what is happening the day after his viral video and being discovered. Viz decides it is time to come clean and lets everyone know that he has used his Brent Corrigan dildo and proceeds to tell his experience with it. Why is using a sex toy so humorous?

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The first show of 2011 and Viz and Annie are both full of energy. Viz mentions the new website for the new year and things that are coming up in the future. Viz gives his new years eve recap and how he was bored and disappointed this year. Annie gives her take on new years eve and how it is insignificant. Annie said she had a revelation and realized she was becoming Cole-like and it scared her. Viz tells Annie that he is becoming concerned about drinking too much and if he has a problem. He also explains why he was a bit off and pissy on new years eve. After the break, Viz brings up a story about a homeless guy named Ted Williams who has been proclaimed as the guy with the golden voice. They wonder what is wrong with him. Viz starts doing his 'guy with the golden voice' impression. Viz wants that deep voice instead of his high pitched voice. Annie finds humor in this and starts to do a high-pitched Viz impression.

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